About Us

“We envision thriving children, families, and communities anchored by a network of accountable, collaborative community, educational, and faith organizations.”

Our Mission

Neighborhood Learning Alliance is a nonprofit organization that strives to improve education and opportunities of lower-income families within Allegheny County through strategic partnerships with the community and faith-based organizations. We offer programs for students from kindergarten through high school that focuses on supplementary learning as well as higher education.

Our History

Neighborhood Learning Alliance (NLA) was founded in December 2003 and known as “Wireless Neighborhoods” until 2011. NLA was created to improve the capacity of community and faith organizations to respond to issues that affect the lives of children and families in the neighborhoods they serve. Due to the alarmingly low levels of academic proficiency, particularly for children in Pittsburgh’s African-American and lower-income neighborhoods, we focus a majority of our efforts and resources on improving the quality of after-school programming. NLA students enjoy truly innovative, professional, youth-friendly instructional environments that set the standard for community after-school practices.

Where to find us