Help our Children Succeed

At Neighborhood Learning Alliance, there’s a role for every volunteer. Here are just a few ways to get involved:



Read books to children enrolled in our Little Learning Warriors after-school program.



Volunteers with a strong background in a particular subject (math, science, history, etc.) can help tutor students in our after-school programs, while others can offer a positive attitude and coaching to help kids stay on track. Every volunteer is provided with ongoing training on how to best engage and support students in the program. The best part of the volunteer model at Neighborhood Learning Alliance is that no one volunteer needs to know everything. Lots of collaboration is needed for students to succeed.



Some of our students need volunteers to help them get to their SAT tests or edit their college essays. Occasionally we’ll need an extra adult on hand for events like career fairs and field trips, so we also welcome support on an as-needed basis.



Volunteers can help students learn by taking part in eliminating the barriers preventing their success. Participate in the Everybody Graduates! campaign by making a morning phone call to ensure a student is heading to school and ready to learn. Sit in on a meeting with a student and teacher to mediate an avenue for the student’s success.


Volunteer Requirements

Volunteers need to be able to receive their Act 33/34 criminal and federal clearances that are paid for by Neighborhood Learning Alliance. In addition, each volunteer must participate in a brief orientation – roughly one hour at the school site. Volunteers usually help once per week, but sometimes as often as four times per week. We’re open to working with your individual schedule.