Summer High School U


“I am genuinely grateful that I had an opportunity to do this program. I have been able to do something that a lot of my family members have not been able to do. I gained different writing skills such as learning the MLA format and different types of essays such as critique, synthesis, and analysis. I gained some kind of understanding of what a college setting feels like. I am now aware that, in this type of atmosphere, I have to have a want to be here because it's a self-driven environment. I also feel that I have gained independence in more ways than one. My worksite was helpful because as time goes by, I become more confident that I have a passion for kids. To me, the worksite was perfect and it was related to what I want to do in the future. Overall I feel like everyone from NLA were supportive from Ms.ShaRae to my tutors like Ms.Imani.”

-Keiarah Wallace, Children’s Museum


One of our charismatic students, Melvina Black, talks about her experiences and insights of the High School U program in this short video.


“This summer I took English 101 under Professor Fox and worked at a lab in the University of Pittsburgh under Professor Fullerton and Sam Bunke. The lab I worked in was actually based in nanotechnology, but the task I worked on with my supervisor was a side project of the lab’s professor. Our project as a whole was to find an organic, biodegradable, and cheap replacement for plastics, but my specific part in the project was to find a water-proof coating for the main component of our plastic replacement. Both of these experiences were very impactful to me. I gained more confidence in my writing ability through English 101, and I gained more knowledge on engineering careers through my research project at the University of Pittsburgh.”

-Haajar Ahmad Ali, University of Pittsburgh