The principal purpose of the Year Round High School U partnerships is to provide primarily African American Pittsburgh high school students with their first college experience. This program is an extension of our Summer High School U program where students found great success in taking and receiving college credit throughout the summer months. We hope to continue encouraging our students to grow their academic skills all year round as well as their knowledge and hope for their academic futures.


Program Summary

The Year Round High School U program will take place on college campuses throughout Pittsburgh and Allegheny county. Each student must go through an application process as well as class, tutoring and work requirements. Services within this program include the following:

Saturday College - students must come to class every Saturday throughout the school year.

SAT Prep, Planning, & Testing - tutors and students from CMU’s NSBE and Spirit organizations will conduct SAT prep classes for 11th graders and PSAT prep classes for 10th graders.

College Preparation - tutors and mentors will help students develop a checklist and plan for college preparation. Students will be guided and encouraged to apply to the colleges of their choices.

College/Industry Exploration - all students will travel and visit at least 4 colleges or industry worksite tours to foster curiosity and insight into different career paths.

FAFSA, Scholarship Guidance - case managers will work with students and their parents to explain and guide families through the college financial applications process for 11th and 12th graders.

Mentors - college and adult mentors will provide guidance and encouragement for High School U students on a monthly basis.


Program Schedule

The tentative schedule for the 2019 Year Round High School U program will begin on Saturdays in October and end in June, 2020. Please check back soon for our finalized program schedule.