African-American Male Leadership

Reaching Back

According to the MENTOR/National Mentoring Partnership, nearly 17.6 million young Americans need or want mentoring, but only 3 million are in formal, high-quality mentoring relationships. Our Reaching Back Male Mentoring Program connects 35 young men from Pittsburgh University Prep School to adult African-American male mentors.

Reaching Back is rooted in African cultural traditions and rites of passage and demands high levels of academic, physical, and personal success from each participant. By demonstrating advanced levels of selflessness, discipline, independent reasoning, physical strength, and service to the community, participants progress through the stages of the program.

As students complete each stage, they gain more privileges that are accompanied by more responsibilities. At the final stage, participants embody the lessons they have learned, and therefore are qualified to be mentors and teachers of the program themselves.

Sankofa Leadership InstituteSankofa

The Sankofa Leadership Institute is a four-month weekly leadership seminar on issues of male empowerment and healing. It began on Sept. 25, 2014, and supports the leadership development of those men who are currently working with African-American youths at the introductory, intermediate, or intensive level.

The institute – which features the leadership team of Malcolm “Minnekhekh” Thomas, Keith Murphy, and Dr. Tony Mitchell – provides an environment of mutual learning and support for collectively addressing personal and social issues.

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