Everybody Graduates

The Everybody Graduates! program is committed to enhancing education and career readiness for youth so that 100 percent of students graduate, are Pittsburgh-Promise ready, and have a plan for life after high school.

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In order for Pittsburgh to remain one of America’s most livable cities, we believe that every student should reach graduation with a healthy, solid plan for the future. Unfortunately, far too many young people in our city will never finish 12th grade.

Pittsburgh Public Schools’ graduation rate is only 68 percent, which means almost a third of students are dropping out. Not completing high school leaves young people with limited career options, lower lifetime earnings, and a greater likelihood of being incarcerated.

Everybody Graduates! is a campaign to end the dropout epidemic in Pittsburgh. By educating community members and engaging them in creative solutions, we aim to confront the challenges facing our most vulnerable students.

The Impact

In one capacity or another, Everybody Graduates! maintains a presence in every high school in Pittsburgh. Our programs primarily focus on academics – credit recovery, Keystone remediation, tutoring, and other forms of support and advocacy.

Credit recovery allows students to make up failed credits – with support from staff and volunteers – using NovaNet learning software. NovaNET is an individualized online courseware, offered free of charge year-round by Neighborhood Learning Alliance, that provides high school students with a mechanism to make up previously failed courses. All classes are aligned with Pennsylvania State standards and allow students to recover courses at their own pace. Last year, we helped 312 students recover 478 credits. All coursework is individualized and designed to prescribe content based on student need. Participating students work with certified teachers and tutors who serve as facilitators that give assistance when necessary, but do not instruct the class as a whole.

Keystone remediation helps students prepare for the Keystone exams, standardized tests that measure students’ knowledge in specific content areas. Tutoring helps students access coaching and homework help in specific subject areas, like math, English, and science. We have involved more than 50 volunteers in this work, many of whom are college students who share expert knowledge in their course of study.

Our support and advocacy encourages students to on track for graduation, whether it’s offering help with a college essay, driving a student to an SAT test, or placing an early morning call to make sure a student is heading to school.