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22 May

Creative Projects at the Frick

Little Learning Warriors in the afterschool program at Kelly School took part in creative projects at the Frick! In one of the Frick’s school programs, students are challenged to use deductive reasoning, visual literacy and critical thinking skills as they ...

08 May

2018 Afterschool Advocacy Rally in Harrisburg

On May 2nd, our Tech Warriors took a trip to the state capital to join a rally advocating for the importance of afterschool programs. The Pennsylvania Statewide Afterschool/Youth Development Network (PSAYDN) reported that “today convened nearly 200 advocates including students, ...

30 Apr

SciTech’s Multi-Cultural Celebration

On April 17th the students, staff, and families at SciTech celebrated their 6th Annual Multi-Cultural Night.  Each year they celebrate the different cultures of the school’s families and staff. Many different local organizations have volunteered to participate over the years, ...

24 Apr

Little Learning Warriors See Energy

The Little Learning Warriors learned about the light spectrum using refractor glasses!  The students learned that light is a form of energy and that our eyes cannot perceive every kind of light that is actually present.  Through the refractor glasses ...

16 Apr

Hurricane in a Bowl

At Woolslair Elementary, the after school students used a hands-on activity to understand the winds and water of hurricanes while having fun playing with water, shaving cream, and food coloring to create their own “hurricane in a bowl”. In each ...

10 Apr

Warriors Visit Baltimore

The Reading & Tech Warriors took a trip to Baltimore to visit a few important locations, both educational and historical. The Warriors began their trip at Morgan State University and were shown around the campus by a tour guide.  Starting ...

27 Mar

Warrior Leaders Visit Covestro

Some of our Warrior leaders were taken to visit Covestro, the polymer manufacturing company of Bayer, to tour labs and meet with professionals of color. The main three Covestro professionals who presented to the students were Eric Giles, a Polymer ...

13 Mar

Tasty Way to Learn about DNA

The Little Learning Warriors build DNA strands out of candy!  With help from the high school Tech Warriors, the elementary students were guided through building their DNA strands out of marshmallows, twizzlers, and toothpicks while learning that DNA is responsible ...

05 Mar

Learning to Program with BeeBots

Middle school students in NLA’s after school program have been learning programming through playing and competition with BeeBots! BeeBots are “robots that bring fun and excitement into the classroom while teaching directionality, planning, sequencing, counting, and working together.”  BeeBots can ...

27 Feb

Reading Celebration Days

Little Learning Warriors from Arlington Elementary visited the Carnegie Library in Knoxville for Neighborhood Learning Alliance’s Reading Celebration Day, with guidance from the Reading & Tech Warriors.  Planned and coordinated by Sasha Stankovic, NLA’s Warrior Program Coordinator, Reading Celebration Days ...