The Little Learning Warriors learned about the light spectrum using refractor glasses!  The students learned that light is a form of energy and that our eyes cannot perceive every kind of light that is actually present.  Through the refractor glasses they experienced visible light splitting into its different energy wavelengths in the forms of different colors while shining UV flashlights.

The students were taught that different colors of light have different amounts of energy, and that is why they can see different colors of light.

“Do you know how if you’re in a room with no light, it appears dark? Well just like paint, light colors can mix together” the instructor explained.  “When you mix all of the light colors together, it makes white. These glasses have special frames that separate all of the colors that make up the light source.”

The students were then instructed to put the glasses on and describe what colors they see.  They were also given cups filled with regular water as well as tonic water in order to see how light refracts through different yet similar liquids — tonic water absorbs UV light and then gives it off, while regular water simply lets the light shine through.

In the end, the Little Learning Warriors learned that light is energy, learned that colors are visible forms of energy, and that light can be refracted into its individual parts.  Way to go, Warriors!