On April 17th the students, staff, and families at SciTech celebrated their 6th Annual Multi-Cultural Night.  Each year they celebrate the different cultures of the school’s families and staff.

Many different local organizations have volunteered to participate over the years, offering unique hands-on activities and performances.  This year, NLA and the Tech Warriors were fortunate enough to participate.

The Tech Warriors provided STEM activities that consisted of information on Garrett Morgan, an African-American inventor known for his invention of the traffic signal and his contributions to the gas mask.  Students could take and decorate their own “gas masks” made out of paper.

The Warriors also provided instruction on Cue robots and Beebots — programmable robots that teach students how to code.  They also talked about Silas Adekunle, the CEO of Reach Robotics, who just sold his invention of gaming robotics to Apple at the age of 25.

Many other presentations and events have happened throughout each of the Annual Multi-Cultural celebrations such as crafts, henna tattoos, playing unique instruments, writing calligraphy, African drumming, Irish dancing, and much more.  The celebration ended with a multi-cultural potluck dinner so everyone could enjoy different delicious foods and share their favorite traditional recipes. It was an exciting night for everyone to share and enjoy together as a community.