At Woolslair Elementary, the after school students used a hands-on activity to understand the winds and water of hurricanes while having fun playing with water, shaving cream, and food coloring to create their own “hurricane in a bowl”.

In each stage of the activity the students were asked to think about what stage in the formation of a hurricane the steps might relate to.  The students were told the first stage is the evaporation stage, when water is taken up from the oceans and starts to form strong clouds. Next, as the students’ bowls were filled with water, the students learned that the next stage is the condensation stage, when the water in the air starts to pack more tightly together and form raindrops or snow.  To represent this stage, a few drops of blue food coloring were dropped in each students bowls as they swirled it all together.

For the final step, the students were told that the storm is hitting land and the clouds are starting to swirl super heavy!  The kids kept swirling their storms as shaving cream, glitter, and a few more drops of food coloring were added their bowl if they could correctly say what the next stages were in the water cycle — rainfall/condensation and collection.  The students continued to play with their bowls as they asked questions and discussed all of the stages of hurricanes and the water cycle.