Some of our Warrior leaders were taken to visit Covestro, the polymer manufacturing company of Bayer, to tour labs and meet with professionals of color.

The main three Covestro professionals who presented to the students were Eric Giles, a Polymer Engineer, Sharlene Lewis, a chemist who was born and raised in Jamaica, and Darryl Loman II, an Industrial Marketing Representative and entrepreneur who attended what is now Pittsburgh’s SciTech for middle school and what is now Obama Academy for high school.  The students had time to converse with the professionals who spoke on their experiences in high school, college, and how their paths toward becoming a part of Covestro’s team.

Afterwards, the Warriors went through a tour of many different types of labs including coatings and structural integrity testing, led by Covestro’s Emmanuel George.  It was an enjoyably informative day and a great way for the students to get engaged with local STEM opportunities and plan for their futures.