Little Learning Warriors from Arlington Elementary visited the Carnegie Library in Knoxville for Neighborhood Learning Alliance’s Reading Celebration Day, with guidance from the Reading & Tech Warriors.  Planned and coordinated by Sasha Stankovic, NLA’s Warrior Program Coordinator, Reading Celebration Days are an afternoon of reading fun for the whole family and are focused around specific themes.

Staff from the Mattress Factory were at the library, leading the students in activities and stories related to local artists.  The library staff were welcoming to everyone, and even provided a snack for the group.  “The students were very engaged” said Shannel Givner, coordinator of the Arlington afterschool program.  “They enjoyed it a lot!”

Other schools also held Reading Celebration Days.  Arsenal Elementary celebrated at the Carnegie Library in Lawrenceville, where the students and families enjoyed a “Storytime: Bedtime Story Special” — stories and activities related to bedtime.  They were invited to wear comfy clothes or PJs and bring a stuffed animal!

Morrow Elementary’s Reading Celebration Day took place at Carnegie Library in Woods Run.  Students and families took part in a theme encompassed by “Raise Your Voice: Write to your Councilperson”.

Reading Celebration Days have been a continuation of last year’s success and excitement surrounding the themed days for families in each community.