The Warriors worked together to solve puzzles and “Escape the Room” on East Carson Street for a team building day.

The event was intended to increase their cooperation and group problem solving skills.  “Because the warriors always work in teams at site, and nobody can predict all of the problems that occur at site, we thought it would be a good idea to have them participate in groups and solve unexpected problems and riddles in a way that requires them to work in groups,” said Keith Thomas, Assistant Warrior Coordinator.  “Some people may find different clues or think differently, and the escape room provided an opportunity for these skills to be implemented.”

They split into groups of 8 and led into a room from which they had to escape and had not seen before.  They were given clues and hints that enabled them to unlock a series of other clues or locks, which at the end would provide them with a code so that they could escape from the room.  In order to “win” the teams had to complete their escape in under 60 minutes.  Both groups made it out with very little time to spare — 58:26 and 59:59!