Tech Warriors joined the Little Learning Warriors in a lesson about the states of matter — specifically liquids and solids, and how they behave in various conditions.

Much of their lesson focused on exploring the definition of Non-Newtonian fluids, which are substances that appear to be either a solid or liquid but when pressure is applied to them they change to the opposite phase. In order to explore this concept, they made and played with a substance called “Oobleck”, which is made of cornstarch, water, and food coloring.

The Oobleck a Non-Newtonian fluids, the properties of which the Warriors experienced as they played with the substance — rolling it around and trying to squish it quickly, tossing it around, letting it ooze through their fingers.

Through the hands-on lesson, the Warriors learned first-hand how Non-Newtonian fluids have properties of both a solid and a liquid, and also have a fun new “scientific substance” to play with!