The Reading & Tech Warriors visited The Irma Freeman Center for Imagination (IF) in Garfield to see and learn about the solar panels used to power the building. We met with Brett Boye, co-founder of IF, who first walked us through the building to give us a tour of the lower galleries for exhibiting art, a small art reference library, and their educational center and workshop. Then, Brett led us up to the roof to view the solar panels installed there.

“To create the Irma Freeman Center for Imagination, we renovated an existing building in Garfield using green resources and recycled materials as much as possible” their website states. “We are committed to researching and facilitating the architectural infrastructure that will make the IF art center into a green building.”

Brett discussed why IF finds green, sustainable spaces to be important, and informed the Warriors on the specifications regarding IF’s particular solar panel set up, including how solar panels work, what they’re made of, how much power is produced, and the cost of such a set up.

“We recognize the critical need for more implementation of efficient green building design and renewable technologies, and want to explore in depth every possibility for efficient design and implementation of various renewable technologies” states IF’s website. “From this building’s emergence, other structures around it may be motivated to implement various renewable technologies and efficient appliances and designs.”

A big “thank you” to IF and Brett for allowing us to tour their inspiring facilities and taking the time to educate us!