On June 27th the Reading & Tech Warriors visited Optimus Technologies, a Pittsburgh-based company that is “the market leader in high performance biodiesel conversion solutions that utilize biodiesel and diesel for medium- and heavy-duty truck fleets.”

Optimus Technology team members Ian Winner, Research and Business Analyst, and Ben Chady, Production Manager, led a presentation to the Warriors to describe what Optimus does, how it fits into sustainability, and what kinds of careers are available in their company.

The students were given an explanation of the contributing factors to climate change, which led them into a discussion on traditional vs. renewable energy.  Optimus manufactures biodiesel, a clean-burning alternative to diesel fuel and produced from renewable resources such as soybeans, used cooking oil, animal fats, and corn oil.

After a brief Q & A session, the Warriors were given a CAD demonstration and discussed the career of a Mechanical Engineer with Kevin Smyth, an Engineer at Optimus.  Then, the Warriors were shown a demonstration of Raspberry Pi, “a tiny and affordable computer that you can use to learn programming through fun, practical projects”, and discussed Software Engineering with Charlie Xu, Optimus’s Hardware Engineer.  Finally, the Warriors toured the shop and were given an opportunity to interact at two hands-on demonstrations: the shop truck and plasma table.

The tour was wrapped up with another Q & A session before the Warriors left the facility.  It was an exciting and informative visit — a big “thank you” to Optimus Technologies for sharing their knowledge and expertise with our Warriors.