Our afterschool students recently participated in Remake Learning Days: a 12-day celebration of activities and events showcasing everything that makes the Pittsburgh region a recognized national leader in innovative teaching and learning.  According to the program’s organizers, “Remake Learning Days is about giving you the opportunity to experience the future of learning, right here in the Pittsburgh region.”

Over the course of May 15-26, the members of the Remake Learning Network created future-ready, hands-on, relevant, and engaging educational experiences for kids and their families, caregivers, and educators in greater Pittsburgh, West Virginia, and beyond.

As stated by the Remake Learning Network, “preparing young people to thrive in the digital age means building on the basics and connecting students with deeper learning experiences that develop real-world skills and cultivate creativity and imagination.”  With this idea in mind, Remake Learning maintains the goal that “today’s students must learn how to learn, be curious on how different topics intersect and be confident in their inner creativity.”  With more than 300 events during Remake Learning Days, it is one of the world’s largest open house for hands-on learning for youth, families, grandparents and educators to discover creative ways of learning.  Events’ themes focus on science, technology, makers, youth voice, outdoor learning, and art.

Reading & Tech Warriors Jory Strothers and Josh Faust gave an opening speech to an audience of elementary school students, faculty, and parents.  They described to the students who the Reading & Tech Warriors are and what they do.  “We help kids like you increase their skills in reading, math, science, and technology” explained Jory.  “The encouragement we give each other every day is so important.”

Josh continued with a personal anecdote: “When I started the [Warrior] program I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I got out of high school.  Now, a graduating senior, I think I have my life lined up exactly as I want it.  I encourage you guys to stick with the program as long as you can.”

In the end, students, families, and educators took part in over 300 events throughout the region.  Communities, neighborhoods, and organizations stepped up and made all the difference in improving education for every learner in southwest Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  In an announcement recapping the events over the 12 days of the program, the Remake Learning Network closed with the following statement: “Thank you.  For your work these past two weeks, and for the work you do every day to remake learning.  For the impact you have on our young people.  We are so excited to continue this important work with you.”

More information on Remake Learning Days can be found on their website at www.remakelearningdays.org, and at www.remakelearning.org.