At Arsenal Elementary and Middle School the Little Learning Warriors and Middle Warriors invited their families to join them for 360 Night, a special family fun night to celebrate the many cultures in the school and recognize the stories of Arsenal families and staff.

As an English as a Second Language school (ESL), Arsenal has 16 different languages/nationalities represented in its student body.  Lawrenceville United and the school reached out to embrace the families and encourage them to showcase their culture.  People brought food, photos, and items from their native culture to share with the school community.​  Some families wore clothing representing their national style of dress.

The After School Program set up a table with coloring pages of the flags from the various countries represented, and both children and adults stopped at our table to color a flag.

Everyone was invited to tour the event and taste all the delicious food.  The students and Warriors were asked to come back to the After School Program that evening and share some things they had learned, such as how to say “hello” in different languages and how to use chopsticks.  Everyone had fun recounting their new skills and discussing the vibrancy and diversity of cultures!