Keeping up with the lessons on chemical reactions, the Little Learning Warriors were led in another experiment by the Tech Warriors.  This experiment focused on systematically asking questions and reporting the results to draw conclusions about three “mystery substances” used in their reactions.

Using the scientific method, the students made hypotheses on three unknown liquids and powders, tested their hypotheses by observing how they reacted with each other, and from these results were able to confirm if their hypotheses were correct.

For the experiment each group had 3 small bottles: one with vinegar, and two with water; 3 small balloons; and 3 containers: one with salt, another with baking soda, and the last with chalk.

The students systematically mixed their mystery substances, covering each of the mixtures with a balloon and observed what happened.  Some of the information the students looked out for was: Does a reaction occur?  Does your powder dissolve?  Does it change colors?  Does it give off gas?  Did the balloon inflate?  Are there any particles left behind in the liquid?

From the results they observed of the reactions, the students were able to deduce which substance was in each of the containers and, through this process learned how to put the scientific method to use.