For rising 9th graders or any high school student, Math Geniuses has been Neighborhood Learning Alliance’s summer program offered as a no-cost opportunity to dramatically increase students’ abilities in algebra this summer while receiving direct 1-on-1 attention from knowledgeable tutors and teachers.

I took a trip down to Point Park University, where the course took place this summer, to chat with a few of the students there.  I asked our coordinator at the site, Kayla, to gather a few students and I soon found myself in a conversation with three bright students: Isaiah, Jamaica, and Sachin.


Kayla: These three [Isaiah, Jamaica, and Sachin] are my best students.  They represent the hardest workers in my group and I wanted them to have the privilege of having their hard work recognized.

Me: How long has the course been in session so far, and how has it been going?

Isaiah: We’ve been coming here three weeks.  It’s been going pretty well.  I needed the help.

What have you guys been working on?

Jamaica: A lot of algebra.  We work together on problems and it helps us all get better, together.

What brought you guys here and made you want to get involved?

Jamaica: I wanted to be better at algebra.

Sachin: I wanted to get better, too.  It’s helping.

How do the days typically progress in the class?

Sachin: In the morning we all work together, and in the afternoon we do this program called ALEKS which is an online math program.  It’s good, it’s all helpful.  We’re here, we’re doing the work.  We do group work in the morning and ALEKS in the afternoon.


Two of the students were shy to take a photograph, but Isaiah was gracious enough to let me snap a picture of him in the classroom before I left.  It was a privilege chatting with these bright students.  Congratulations, Math Geniuses — you did amazing work and made impressive progress this summer!