By Shahada Abdul-Ghaffar

On August 12, 2016 a group of about 25 young adults, including myself, went to Deloitte in Market Square for a college/ career workshop. The Deloitte staff where kind enough to provide us with breakfast. There were bagels and beverages to fuel everyone for the day of information ahead. After we were done eating, we were introduced to two Deloitte consultants as well as the volunteers that were there for any questions we may have had. Since everyone was adjusting to their new surroundings, we kicked it off with an icebreaker. Going around the room, we all stated our name, where we are from, and our favorite part of summer so far.


Once everyone was comfortable and ready to retain information, we filled out a worksheet on our biggest dreams and aspirations. After we got that out of the way and were done dreaming, we moved on to more realistic goals. We wrote what we have done so far towards that goal, and what we have yet to do to reach it. Once we had our goals laid out on paper and had a clear view of them, we began to discuss what Deloitte is and what they do; we learned that it is essentially a brand that consults as well as caters to many other needs that independent firms may have.


Moving on to career prep sessions, we started by splitting into two groups. The freshman and sophomores met with Deloitte practitioners, and the juniors and seniors sat down with the volunteers. Since I’m a sophomore, I met with the practitioners. While in these groups we discussed resume writing and partook in mock interviews. We were able to start or improve our resumes and practice interviewing skills. I must say they asked us some tough questions, but it was good practice to prepare us for the worst.


After a thirty-minute lunch break, we began to wrap up the eventful day. They demonstrated useful tools that will make the college process easier for us, and we all brainstormed other good college preparation tips. We then were introduced to a fellow Pittsburgher who has a lot of experience in the business world. He gave us great advice and gave us some insight into his busy life. Then, the consultants answered any questions we still had before moving on to raffles. For the last event of the day, Deloitte was gracious enough to do a raffle with four prize winners. Overall, I think everyone had a great time; I know I did! It was a great opportunity to get some useful information and advice on our future endeavors.