This summer, twenty-two Pittsburgh Public School students have gotten a true “college experience”.  While taking a Human Resource Management course at Carlow University and attending tutoring sessions, these students have earned 3 college credits and are eligible for a $2000/year scholarship for Carlow University upon completion of the course.


Throughout the college course, five students have been keeping a blog together to reflect on their collective experience in the class.  Destiny Crumpton, Steven Bermudez, Jasmine Thomas, Sierra Brown, and Kiah Kyles are the students running the blog, and as their blog header states, “we are five Pittsburgh Public School high school students in a summer college class at Carlow University sponsored by Neighborhood Learning Alliance. This blog is dedicated to helping high school students gain insight from peers on what a college class is really like and to share our experiences throughout the course.”


Over the duration of the course, these five students have been working on a video which highlights their collective experiences as a class.  In the video the five students open with a shared quote: “Inspirational; Challenging; Informative; Beneficial.  These are some of the words used to describe the Human Resources Management class here at Carlow University.  We asked some of our peers what this class meant to them, and here are their responses.”


Among the responses, Cameron tells us that “to me, it’s college credits.  By the time I’m a freshman in college I’ll be in my sophomore year because I have so many credits, so I can just pass on to the next year of college.”  He shows his excitement that he will be ahead because of what he learned throughout the course: “we learned a whole lot this summer.  Especially now — I’m a college student!  Who doesn’t want to be a college student?”


This course has been a great opportunity for high school students to prepare for college and experience both the challenges and rewards of taking a college class.  The students learned to write weekly papers, do assigned readings, and create presentations as they gained valuable time management and writing skills, all while having access to the many resources of a college campus.


The students’ professor, Dr. Stern, explains the opportunities available to the students and his mission to help them reach their full potential.  “This class will give students an opportunity to get the real college experience,” he tells us.  “We work really hard to make sure that incoming college students are aware of the benefits and privileges of every student…. [It is] our purpose and goal this term, in this class, to make sure all students understand the resources available to them and they should take advantage of them.”